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Club Mission

The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn fosters self-confidence and personal growth.


Ph: 214-620-0107


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The Club Meetings

Usually a Club meets once a week for one hour, at a mutually agreed upon time by the Club members, following a well structured agenda. A typical Club meeting consists of three basic parts:

Prepared Speeches
Several members present speeches based on the projects in each program manual, about 5-7 minutes each. They are strictly timed and are evaluated by another Club member.

Each Prepared Speech is orally evaluated in a helpful, constructive manner by a fellow Club member. All members are invited to provide written feedback or comments to the speaker.

Table Topics
In this segment, members are asked to present a two to three minutes impromptu talk according to a specific topic given by the Table Topics Master on the spot!

Meeting Roles
  • A Presiding Officer gets the meetings started
  • The Toastmaster prepares the agenda and conducts the meeting
  • The Table Topics Master assigns impromptu topics to the attendants
  • The Evaluator provides personal evaluations of the Prepared Speech
  • The General Evaluator organizes the evaluations of the Prepared Speeches, and evaluates the entire meeting
  • The Grammarian observes misuses of the English language
  • The Ah Counter monitors unwanted crutch words in the speeches and talks, such as 'uh', 'um', 'you know', 'basically', etc.
  • The Club Listener quizzes others on information presented by the speakers to make sure that we all pay attention to the speeches
  • The Vote Counter tallies the votes for awards at the meeting
  • Clubs that meet longer than one hour may also have a Song Master, a Joke Master or other roles to make the meeting more fun.