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The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn fosters self-confidence and personal growth.

Ph: 214-620-0107

The educational program is the heart of a Toastmasters Club. It is the means through which you develop your communication and leadership skills and achieve your goals in personal growth. The Toastmasters educational program is divided into two tracks -- a communication track and a leadership track. Most Toastmasters participate in both tracks at the same time.

The Communication Track
The core of the communication track is the Competent Communication Program manual (also known as the "basic manual"), which contains 10 speech projects.

- The Competent Communicator (CC)
The basic manual helps develop your speaking skills one step at a time. As you complete the projects you'll learn the basic building blocks of effective communication. When you complete the 10 projects, you will be recognized as a Competent Communicator (CC).

- Advanced Communication Program
Upon your CC award, you will enter the Advanced Communication Program, where you can refine and enhance your basic skills. This program consists of 15 manuals, each containing five speech projects. Many of the manuals are career-oriented. You choose the manuals that's most relevant to your personal needs. When you work in the advanced manuals you are eligible for three levels of recognition:

- Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACC-B)
- Advanced Communicator Silver (ACC-S)
- Advanced Communicator Gold (ACC-G)

When you finish the Advanced Communicator Gold requirements, you would have delivered over 50 speaking projects, spent about 40 hours in front of very likely different audience, and mastered many advanced speaking techniques. You should feel very comfortable in front of any audience.

The Leadership Track
On the leadership track you will acquire and practice the skills necessary to become an effective leader. You will develop critical skills in listening, thinking, giving and receiving feedback, time management, planning and organizing, training, motivating. You will have the opportunity to function in leadership roles at various levels. You will also have the opportunity to conduct a guided "High Performance Leadership Program", which is very challenging and extremely valuable for career professionals. Available awards on the leadership track include:

- Competent Leader (CL)
- Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)
- Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)

The Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
Once you complete the ACC-G and ALS requirements, you would have reached the pinnacle of both the Communication Track and the Leadership Track. At this stage you will receive the recognition as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the most prestigious recognition in the Toastmasters education programs.